Destroy Destroy Poserton

by Bazz

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"Just got these tapes in the mail. They were accompanied by a letter saying that: Destroy Poserton is bullshit and all of the bands on it are fakes. The letter was signed, -Bazz and there was no return address. I listened to the 9 song demo and was shocked to find that it is one of the best punk albums I have ever heard! I'm not fond of the track "Destroy Destroy" which shit talks every band on my comp. But this tape just can't be denied!"
-Mike is Posers

"Some musicians possess the rare and innate ability to transport a listener's soul to a place of enlightenment. Bazz is not one of them. Nonetheless, a great injustice to counterculture and the Smash Arts was done when my close cohort and comrade in chaos was denied the opportunity to contribute to the much anticipated, upcoming compilation album entitled Destroy Poserton. They said his music's too basic. They said it's too spastic. But I say LIVE BAZZ, DIE YOUNG!"

"So, I guess the story behind this one is that some shitty chaos punx from nowhere got pissed that their shitty band didn’t get chosen to be on the Destroy Poserton comp LP (see record reviews in this issue), so they made this tape in retaliation. Most of this shit is your basic boring crust punk about beer, slamming in the pit, punk houses, more beer and how their town sucks. They even recorded a song that slams every single band on the LP compilation (except the OPPOSERS). “Chaos Walk” shows some promise though and has some good riffs. If they always tried that hard, they could probably open up for LEFTOVER CRACK, but in reality, these dudes are gonna waste their time trashing Howie the house punk’s place and getting fucked on pills. Sucks for them."


released January 16, 2015

Fanx! to Skuzz, glue, mom, Beer Label, Packy Steve for the free Beer Label, Mario the Punk, and Boneskull for Inspiration. F.U.P.P.D.!
Destroy Destroy Poserton!

backup vocals by Skuzz, Bobbo, Multi-Tool, Packy Steve, Jenny Cide, Hopper, Sara Hawk, Gutterslug, Mucus, Johnny, Max, Frisbee, and Twister.

All 3 chords written, performed, produced and engineered by Bazz except "Poserton Suks" written by The Opposers. Cover Photo By Cool Tori. All songs recorded live on location 77/82/69



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