Destroy Poserton

by Various Smash Artists

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This compilation features 14 of the best punk bands you've never heard

"This is an incredible compilation! There’s not much info about the origins of this record, but I assume the people who bringus the comic-zine Life Is Posers are behind it. I’m baffled by the fact that they put together such a varied and amazing compilation by such heavy hitters of the punk community. It seems almost...unreal. First off, I wanna say that it’s fucking awesome to finally have a “studio” version of the straightforward punk anthem of KONTRA:DICTION’s “Just Another Day.” The last time I saw them at the Boiler Room, the cops showed up...not because of the bands, but because of the punks out in the street screaming the chorus, “Just another day in the life of a punk!!!” for two hours straight. Fucking classic! BURDEN OF HUMANITY also makes an appearance, playing their style of hardcore that would lead you to believe that they leave their singer in a cage feeding him only raw meat until it’s time to record. Fans of DISAFFECT take note!! Somehow, the organizers of this comp tracked down KIDS OF ALRIGHT (the actual kids of the members of TOM AND BOOT BOYS), who obviously took some notes from their dads. The fuckin’ knobheads in PROPER LADS take some time out of their busy working class schedule to bring you another flawless Oi! classic to listen to while shitting your life away on the dole. It’s good to see that someone could get END ZONE out of the gym and off of BOSTON STRANGLER’s balls long enough to record their best throwdown sXe hardcore jam to date. CHEAP, one of the only true peace punk bands left on this fucking planet surprisingly contributed a track. Last I heard, they didn’t want to put out records because it contributed the destruction of the Earth. I probably shouldn’t put this in print, but they fucking killed the person who put out a vinyl bootleg of their demo. I guess the tides have shifted in their ten years of existence. The BRATTY ATTITUDES finish off the record and it was nice of the organizers to give some space to these kids. They’re obviously just finding their voice and owe a little too much to WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?, but they’re off to a promising start. Overall, this is a totally unreal compilation showcasing bands from all over the map of punk and hardcore. If you don’t already own this, you might be a poser."


released February 18, 2015

Various Smash Artists. Recorded in Poserton, Fraüdsberg, Nohama, Stemmaville, Poseurton, Shamshire, Joxboro, Pretendale Valley and Lambridge.



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Life is Posers Boston, Massachusetts

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